Adult Testimonials

Dr. Bob runs on time:
I do not feel rushed or that I am running out at the last minute, still numbed up!  When the office scheduled me for a half hour, I was seen at my appointment time and I was out when I was scheduled.  This guy keeps you on time.  He is accurate.  I am never late to pick up my kids!  It is so nice that someone besides me respects my crazy schedule!  
                                                                                                             K.P.C. , Wilton


    It was so nice to finally find an office where the dentist takes the time to see you himself.  He actually listened to my dental concerns!  Dr. Cieri was highly recommended by quite a few of my friends and they were right! He easily fixed problems that others said were impossible.  He is very talented!                                                                    P. C., Wilton

      Sports related injury

      Thank you so much for opening your office on a Sunday morning.  It was really uncomfortable for me to have a chipped tooth, so it was really great that you came in to see me so soon.                                                                                            A.M., Redding

      Replaced the bulky denture with an implant retained bridge:
      Thank you again for all your work with my mother. Your caring and professionalism were incredible.  It was a challenging case and you handled it with kindness beyond the call. The dentures
      (implant supported bridge) are working very well and my mom looks years younger.  She is also eating more and enjoying her food more.  Moreover, she is the envy of Smithfield Gardens. 

      With much appreciation.                                                                             J.H., Redding

      Gentle Touch:
      I was terrified of novocaine until I met  Dr. Cieri. He has the gentlest touch of any dentist I have ever encountered.  Since I have been going to Dr. Bob I never feel the needle, the novocaine injection, or the procedure. He is patient and caring. He waits until I am comfortable and never rushes me.

      He does his own cleanings so I always feel I am getting the most professional and personal touch. He actually takes the time to listen to all my fears and concerns!  My smile looks great!                                                                                                       M.M., Wilton

      No more fear:
      I used to be afraid. I used to be scared to even lie back in the chair. Now, I am so relaxed with Dr. Cieri, that I almost fall asleep. He takes his time to make sure I am comfortable before going forward.  He is great!                                                               A.C., Wilton

      Happy Cleaning:
      I just had a very nice cleaning--I waited too long--12 months instead of 6, but Dr Cieri didn't make me feel bad. It was like having a back scratch. My gums were so itchy that it felt good. He was so careful and gentle that it was a PLEASANT experience. His stories and careful touch was great.  No lacerated gums, just a happy mouth.  At the same time he did a complete exam! Next time I won't wait so long! 
                                                                                                                       M.M., Wilton

      Mouth Spa:
      I have never been so comfortable.  It was actually a relaxing experience to lie in the chair and have my teeth fixed up.  I never felt a thing!  Dr. Cieri is VERY talented.  He talked, he joked, he calmed my fears!  It is almost as relaxing as going to a spa!  Dr. Cieri is like no other dentist.  He is unbelievable!  Check him out--you will wonder why you were ever afraid                                                                                                  A.R., Redding

      Pediatric Testimonials

      Tooth Fairy Connections
      I was surprised to see how well my daughter connected with Dr. Cieri.  She was excited to hear about his direct line to the Tooth Fairy and his Barbie and GI Joe fillings. He asked her what type she preferred.  He really relates to the kids!
                                                                                                  K. P., Derby
      Unique Experience:
      Dr. Cieri is not only an extremely skilled dentist, but his chairside manner is amazingly comforting.  He calmed my fears in the chair and then turned around and had a conversation with my 2 yr old!  She wants to come back to see Dr. Bob!  We both actually enjoyed the experience.  He is great with adults and kids and he does procedures that others cannot.  I cannot more highly recommend him and I am not easily impressed.  Wow!
      G.G., Wilton
      Stuffed Animals to Cuddle:
      My daughter didn't want to hold Baby Taz, so she held the bunny!  She got to choose and Dr. Bob waited for her to get comfortable, relax, and smile.  She was very happy!
                                                                                                                    S. A., Weston