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Derby Dental Associates
located down the street from Griffin Hospital in Derby
 on the Corner of Atwater and Division.

Dr. Cieri provides personalized care for every dental visit.

Don't forgo your dental visits--schedule those cleanings.

1.  Untreated gum disease can not only lead to more serious periodontal disease resulting

         in bone loss and lose teeth, but also  to more serious and sometimes life threatening

         health problems--sepsis, heart disease, pneumonia, cancer, memory loss, stroke,

         higher chance of premature births, low birth weight babies,  diabetic complications with

         blood sugar management,etc.  Untreated absesses are even more serious.

   2.  Twice yearly cleanings help keep your breath fresh and clean.  A 
clean smile and fresh

        breath makes a great first impression. You'll feel more confident with a sparkling    


   3.  Most dental plans cover 2 cleanings a year at 100%.  Don't waste 
the premium -- it

        may not carry over.

   4.  Untreated gum disease can cause your teeth to loosen and fall
.  There may be no           pain. Teeth cannot be saved if the roots are gone or bone loss has occurred.  Implants

        or dentures will then be the only options.  It is important to get the biannual


   5.  Worried about Expense?  Timely treatment is much less expensive than if you wait 

        long.  Dr. Cieri will always try to work with you to develop an affordable timely

        treatment and payment plan.  

   6.  Afraid?  Don't worry -- you may have had bad experiences in the
 past, but think of      

        visits to Dr. Cieri like a visit to the MOUTH SPA.   Many people just fall asleep in the

        chair. Simple treatments that sound scary, but are completely painless, might just

        save your teeth.

   7.  A Root Canal can save your tooth.  It isn't scary or painful and it works.  It removes

        infections from deep in the tooth and there is no  more pain.  You won't have to have

        the tooth removed. It is so easy that many of Dr. Cieri's patients are surprised that he             had finished the entire procedure before they were aware he had even started.  

   8.  Losing one tooth sounds minor, but it can throw off your entire bite.
 Don't forgo a

        visit to have a simple filling, only to find that now you need a root canal.  If you

        continue to put off a recommended treatment you might have to have the tooth

        pulled and then need an implant.  Losing a single tooth can cause long term problems

        with the other teeth and your bite mechanics.  Teeth can move and grow to fill the

        empty space.

   9.  TMJ treatment relieves pain and noise in ear area or problems opening your jaw.

 10 . A Comprehensive Exam is cheapest and most cost effective. Trendy "quick fixes"        

       might sound less expensive, but many times don't fix your bite, may wear out faster,

       many times don't match your tooth color, and might not solve underlying problems

       that may creep up on you later on, resulting in much more expensive treatments.  

 11. Timely preventive treatment can save your smile, save your teeth and save you

       money.  It isn't just cosmetic--it is your health.