We file with all insurance companies, have flexible payment plans, and accept 
Mastercard, Visa, and American Express.  

Husky A and Husky B
for all children 20 and younger
  (children's cleanings and exams are usually 100% covered with Husky) 

IN NETWORK for many premium plans:
Delta Dental
Anthem Blue Cross / Blue Shield
Cigna PPO (Derby Office only)


You are still covered for biannual cleanings.

Even if we are not on your insurance list it does not mean that many procedures, especially cleanings and check ups, are not still covered 100%.  Many times it is more cost effective to go to a professional that can do it correctly the first time even if that professional is not ON YOUR INSURANCE LIST.    Many times those lists are not updated in a timely fashion as well.  

A small difference in co pay for other procedures will insure QUALITY work and QUALITY materials that will not fall apart, give you lead poisoning, or have to be continually redone.

We file Pretreatment Estimates with your insurance and set up a payment plan for the difference.

10% Discount for New Patient Exams and Consultations.  
Get your kids in  --  10% Back to School Special
We will always work with you to develop a flexible payment and treatment plan to meet your budget.

We never ask for or expect a payment before we treat you!  Payments are expected at time of treatment, but we always help you with flexible payment plans for more expensive procedures.