Robert Cieri, D.M.D. 

Personalized Family Dental Care each and every visit.

We accept and encourage new patients.  

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   Wilton:                                          203-544-9580
   Derby Dental Associates:             203-736-2901

   Emergencies:                  203-470-4111


Dental Services:                                                                                 

Our passion - Keeping you healthy

Over 20 yrs of Personalized, Gentle, Skilled Treatment

What you need; not just what we could sell





Adult and Pediatric - the entire family

    (Children under 2 are free with an adult visit)


Checkups (recommended every 6 months)

        Full Oral Exams and Cleanings

        Oral Cancer Screenings

Restorative (Full Mouth Restorations)

       Restoring Smiles to their Original Appearance

Cosmetics (Smile Makeovers)    

        Tooth Colored Fillings, Veneers, and Crowns

        Customized Whitening and Bleaching

TMJ Therapy (for Jaw Joint Pain and Headaches)

        Bite Therapy - Diagnosis & Treatment for those who grind their teeth

        Mouth Guards/Sports Guards

Gum Treatment  (Bleeding Gums)

     Gum Work

     Gingivitis Treatment

     Deep Gum Cleanings

Crowns and Bridges

    Tired of CAD/CAM crowns breaking?  We offer alternatives.

     CAD/CAM porcelain crowns do not work for everyone

Root Canals  

Tooth Colored Fillings



     Modification of Existing Dentures to Increase Comfort



      Full Quadrant

      Full Mouth

Implants combined with Dentures (Stabilize and minimize the size of dentures)

      OUR IMPLANTS LAST --implants take time to heal (grow into the jawbone before
       loading--don't be fooled by SAME DAY implant offers