Robert Cieri, D.M.D.

Personalized Family Dental Care each and every visit.

Family, Cosmetic, and Implant Dentistry

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A Unique Practice:

You, your mouth, and your teeth are unique. You can't buy a crown out of a box and expect it to work comfortably or match your teeth color.


For over 20 years, Dr. Cieri has been known for providing gentle, caring, and top quality dental care for the entire family--both adults and children.  He helps you keep your teeth or replaces them if you can't.

Dr. Cieri will see you in a relaxed atmosphere and will keep you on schedule.  You will see him for your entire visit; not just his staff. The appointment is yours alone; he won't run in and out to see other patients during your time and he won't disappear and leave you waiting in the chair.  You won't feel rushed because he takes time to listen to your issues.  He is wants you to feel comfortable and is passionate about your health.

Dr Cieri provides most dental services from cleanings to implants.  He uses only quality labs and quality material
and takes the time to do it right the first time with handcrafted artistry. There is no need to be satisfied with prior work that does not feel comfortable or is ill fitting. 

New patients are pleasantly surprised and continually comment that dental visits with Dr. Cieri are comfortable. They leave smiling and they always come back. 
He takes time to keep things light.  Everyone comes back to visit and be treated even when grown up and starting new families.

Dr. Cieri soothes you with gentle conversation, stuffed animals, and music.  Although available he never needs to use gas or general sedation--his patients never want it--they are that comfortable and relaxed even if they had worries beforehand. A true family practitioner, even small children are as relaxed and happy as the adults.